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Caregiver Procedures and Guidance Resources

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1 Caregiver Procedures and Guidance Resources

ClearCare App

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

• The Federal and State EVV requirements for Personal Home Care

ClearCare App Tutorial and Video

• A video on using the ClearCare App.

Turning On ClearCare App Location Settings

• A video on how to turn on Location Services

Caregiver Mobile App Tutorial

• Information on using the new Caregiver Mobile App.

How To Request Additional Hours

• Information on how to request additional hours and shifts on Caregiver Mobile App.

Phone and Computer Tutorials

How to Clear Storage On Your Phone

• How to create space on your phone.

COVID-19 Resources

UPDATED New Mandatory COVID-19 Procedures – Dec. 7, 2020

• Mandatory PPE and Screening Questions as of Dec. 7, 2020,

UHS: Required Daily COVID-19 Client Questions

• Information on the questions we are required to ask prior to going to work.

UHS: Required Daily Questions for Caregivers

• Information on the questions all caregivers are required to answer prior going to work.

UHS: COVID -19 Certification Class

• The link to the required CareAcademy COVID-19 Certification Class.

UHS: COVID-19 Basic Information And Facts

• Basic information and facts on the COVID-19 virus.

UHS: Unique HomeCare Services and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

• UHS procedures to minimize transmission of COVID-19.

CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) FAQs

• CDC answers to COVID-19 FAQs.

CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) –   How to Protect Yourself

• CDC Guidance on protecting yourself from COVID-19

CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – What To Do if You Are Sick

• CDC guidance on what to do if you have symptoms.

Suicide Prevention Certification

UHS: Suicide Prevention Certification Course

• Course material for the Suicide Prevention Certification test.

UHS: Suicide Prevention Certification Test

• Suicide Prevention Certification test.

UHS: Suicide Prevention Action Plan

• Suicide Prevention Action Plan if a client displays warning signs.

Hand Hygiene

UHS: How To Wash Your Hands Correctly Procedures

• UHS procedures for correctly washing your hands.

UHS: Hand Sanitizer Procedures

• UHS procedures on correctly using hand sanitizers.

CDC: Hand Hygiene Course

• The CDC hand hygiene course with healthcare workers.

CDC: Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings – Education Core Slides

• The slides from the CDC hand hygiene presentation for healthcare workers.


COVID-19 Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Pathology

An excellent video on COVID-19. As it was produced on March 15, the figures on the number of cases, etc.,
is outdated. However, the information is valid.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19) March Update- causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology


Beating Coronavirus: Flattening the Curve, Raising the Line

An explanation of what is being done to flatten the curve and raise the line due to COVID-19.

Beating Coronavirus: Flattening the Curve, Raising the Line


Clinical Skills – Handwashing

A video on the proper technique to wash your hands.

Knowledge Shot: Hand Washing


Clinical Skills – N95 Masks

A video on the proper technique to put on, use, and dispose of a mask.

N95 Masks ~Clinical Skills~


Making a Face Mask From a Paper Towel and Two Rubber Bands
How to Make Improvised Paper Towel Mask
Clinical Skills – Putting on Sterile Gloves

This video shows the proper technique for using sterile gloves, but is also valid for all clinical use of disposal gloves

Putting on sterile gloves - Clinical Skills
NEW Clinical Skills – Donning Your PPE Part 1

This video shows how to correctly organize and don of your PPE

COVID Donning PPE Homecare Part 1 HH
NEW Clinical Skills – Doffing Your PPE Part 2

This video shows how to organize and doff of your PPE

NEW Clinical Skills – CDC Sequence for Donning and Doffing PPE for COVID-19

This video shows how to don and duff PPE per CDC guidelines

PPE Donning and Doffing: CDC Sequence for COVID 19
Clinical Skills – Disinfecting Frequently Touched Surfaces

How to correctly disinfect surfaces

Disinfecting Frequently Touched Surfaces ~clinical skills~
Clinical Skills – Transfer Skills

How to correctly transfer your client

Ch. 1: Transfer Skills (Caregiver College Video Series)
Clinical Skills – Dental Care

How to correctly assist with dental care

Ch. 3: Dental Care (Caregiver College Video Series)
Clinical Skills – Bathing, Shaving, Nail Care and Dressing

How to correctly assist with bathing, shaving, nail care and dressing

Ch. 4: Bathing & Dressing (Caregiver College Video Series)
Clinical Skills – Toileting and Incontinence

How to correctly assist with Toileting

Ch. 5: Toileting & Incontinence (Caregiver College Video Series)