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ClearCare App Tutorial and Video

This is a video tutorial on using the ClearCare App.

You need to have the ClearCare App installed on your phone:

– For iPhone go to the App store on your phone and search for “ClearCare Go” and install.

– For Android go to the Google Play store on your phone and search for “ClearCare Go” and install.

Username and Password:

The Username is your email address.

If you have problems with your password, please text 781-619-3489 and we will reset it for you.

You do not have to record mileage.

Location Services must be turned on for the App to work correctly:

– For more information on turning on Location Services please click here.

You clock in when you are at the client:

– You can Clock in up to 15 minutes early.

– You can Clock in up to 150 feet from the client’s address.

– Some of our clients are in cement or cider bock buildings and cell service is poor. In this case, it best to Clock in before entering the building.

– You clock in by pressing the Orange Button. If there is not a green bar under the Orange button, most likely you do not have Location Services on.

At the end of the shift, you Clock out:

– You will be prompted to complete the tasks.

– After you have completed the tasks you click Next and then Clock out.

If you have any issues please text 781-619-3489.

ClearCare Go Tutorial