24 Hour In-Home Care For The Ones You Love

24 Hour In-Home Care

 24 hour in home care

Options For Care When Your Loved One Cannot Be Left Alone

If you have gotten to the point where your loved one cannot be left alone- then you have several options. One option is to look for assisted living placement, another option is to look for nursing home placement, and the third option is getting them care in the home.

Reasons Someone Might Need 24 Hour In Home Care

Here are some reasons when 24 hour care is needed:

  • After surgery or hospitalization care might be needed at home for a period of time while they recover.
  • To monitor and assist a loved one who may become confused, wanders or is at risk of falling in the home
  • If you or a family member are helping mom or dad in their home and their need for care is beyond what you have time to do, or beyond what you would like to do
  • If you are a family caregiver, and want to get a good night’s rest-planning for 24 hour live-in caregivers can make sure that a caregiver is always awake and alert to help your loved one
  • Live-in home caregivers can also help with anything from spontaneous needs to planned outings in the community

Two Ways For 24 Hour Care

There are two ways to receive 24 hour in-home care.

These include Split-Shift care and Live-In Care

“Split-shift care” involves a patient receiving two twelve-hour shifts of home attendants each day. Split-shift care is for those situations where you want to ensure that there is always an awake home health attendant available to care for the patient.

For Medicaid home care recipients it has been difficult to receive approval for such care so people often pay privately for this type of care.

“Live-In Care” involves a single home care attendant living in the home with a patient for twenty-four hours.

For Live-In Care, the patient must provide a place for the home care attendant to sleep in the residence. This type of arrangement is more cost effective than split shift care as you are only paying for approximately 13-15 hours of care billed hourly, as the home care attendant is not expected to work for the full 24 hours.

How To Decide On A 24 hour Home Care Provider

The first step when looking to obtain 24 hour home care is to have an in-home assessment to determine if 24 hour home care is right for your situation.

Many people want 24 hour in-home care but may not be able to afford it if it is not covered by long term care insurance. Also, their loved one’s situation may merit a placement where their needs may be better met in a facility, such as those with progressive illnesses that need a higher level of care.

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