How Much Does Live-In Home Care Cost?

Live-in home care costs are less than most nursing homes at around $400 a day for the care needs of one person and about $500 a day for two people to receive care

What is 24 Hour In-Home Care?

With 24 Hour In-Home care, two caregivers are scheduled daily with each caregiver working a 12-hour shift. In some situations, it can be better to have 3 caregivers each working 8-hour shifts. The caregivers are always awake, do not sleep, and provide care 24 hours a day.

What is Live-In Care?

With Live-In Care a caregiver lives in the home and stays overnight. Over a 24 hour day, the Live-in caregiver is given a 4-hour break to rest and also has an 8 hour sleeping period. A room and a bed in the house must be provided for the Live-in caregiver to sleep.