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ClearCare App Location Issues

If you do not have a green bar at the bottom of the screen when Clocking In and Clocking Out the problem is generally related to issues with location.

First, you should check to make sure Location Settings on your phone is turned on. Please see below.

If you continue to have Location issues and your Location Settings is turned on, the issue could be the client’s address is not mapped correctly. Text Norman at 781-619-3489 with the Client’s name and the color of the house.

This is a video tutorial for turning Location Settings on.

For the ClearCare App to work properly Locations Setting must be turned on.

You need to have the ClearCare App installed on your phone:

– For iPhone go to the App store on your phone and search for “ClearCare Go” and install.

– For Android go to the Google Play store on your phone and search for “ClearCare Go” and install.

Enabling Your Location Services On ClearCare Caregiver Go App

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