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Social Recreational Support

Social Recreational Support services for seniors and people with disabilities in Dedham, Norwood, Walpole, Westwood, Needham and other cities and towns in MA.

Who We Help with Our Social Recreational Support services

Our social recreational support services staff can provide the necessary social and recreational support that your loved one needs. Whether it be to accompany them to a recreational event, an in-home visit, or visit to see a friend, we serve Seniors and People with Disabilities in Dedham Westwood Walpole Needham, Dover and other nearby Cities and towns in MA.

Safe and Connected to Others

Unique Homecare Services provides Social Recreational Support
services, assistance with making sure your loved one is safe and connected to others. This vital service provides you with peace of mind, and gives your loved one an opportunity to maintain and build social connections which are so vital to healthy aging. Our homecare staff are here to deliver the most compassionate, highest quality, professional, dependable Social Recreational Support. For those seniors and people with disabilities who are not able to leave their homes, we help by working with you to create a good Social Recreational Support program.

Social Recreational Support for Seniors

As we get older, there are factors that may affect our ability to get out of the shouse and socialize such as the side effects of medications we take, difficulty with hearing, stiff or painful joints or muscles, impaired vision, restricted neck mobility, and memory problems to name a few.

Our Companionship and Socialization Services include:
  • Accompanying on trips and outings
  • Playing board games, putting together puzzles, and playing cards
  • Planning social visits with neighbors and friends
  • Encouraging journaling, writing, and scrap booking
  • Transportation to a coffee shop or favorite restaurant
  • Trips to museums or other community activities
Social Recreational Support, Accompaniment or Drop off at:
  • Senior Center Events
  • Retail shops
  • Doctor or hospital appointments
  • Outings and trips
  • Traveling
  • Social visits with friends or family
  • Club or Volunteer activities
  • Bank Trips
  • Pharmacy trips
  • Errands
Why Social Recreational Support is so Important

As we get older, or become disabled, our social circles often become smaller, due to restricted mobility and limited access to transportation, among other factors. Family members often want to spend more time with their relatives, but are unable to do so due to demands of family and/or busy work schedules. Since social, companionship, and friendship needs are closely related to mental and physical states of well being, social contact is so important to maintain happiness for seniors and people with disabilities.

You Are Unique

Our social recreational support services help to ensure that our clients are provided with staff who will match their unique  interests and personalities. A Unique Homecare services staff member who offers steady companion care to you or your loved one often becomes a true and trusted friend of the family. Our Care staff ensures that your loved one stays active by maintaining  or improving their level of socialization. We help people keep active with new or existing hobbies, encourage social visits, and take them on fun outings.

Please contact us to learn more about our social recreational support services at  1-800-296-9962.