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Medication Management Services

We understand that seniors and people with disabilities can need help with managing their many medications.

Why is Medication Management So Important?

Medication management plays a vital role in the health of seniors and people with disabilities. This is especially important when they are discharged from the hospital or care facility and need to get into a routine to stay stable and improve their condition.

Our Homecare providers are trained and experienced in assisting with the monitoring and managing their medications.

Other Ways We Can Help

When providing home care services, we spend time with your loved one and if issues with medications arise, we can communicate with their healthcare professionals and family members about their medications and any changes in prescription needs.

Managing Multiple Meds Can Be Daunting For Anyone

We understand that for anyone, keeping track of multiple medications, different times of day medications need to be taken, different dosages, and giving directions on whether to take them with food or not, can be challenging for anyone.

For people with Dementia, Parkinsons, or Alzheimer’s, the tracking medication can be especially frustrating.

Our home caregivers make sure that everyone involved understands the correct medications needed and what times of the day.

Our Medication Management Services

The medication management services offered include ensuring that the medication is:
• Given at the proper dosage.
• Taken at the right time of day
• Not causing any reactions
• Organized in a pillbox/pill pack
• Logged as having been taken daily

Please contact us to learn more about our medication management services at 800-296-9962.