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What Is The Price Of Home Care?

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The Price of Home Care Services vs Other Options

In Home Care Services Are More Affordable Than You Might Think

When you, or a loved one needs health care, deciding on the right type of care can make all the difference in the world. Because there are a number of option available- it is an important that you consider all the options.

What Type of Care Do You Need?

If your loved one is in poor or declining health, either mentally or physically, and health care needs are many, an assisted living facility or home care may not be the best option due to the cost involved. In this case, a skilled nursing facility, or nursing home made be a better option.

Nursing homes are similar to hospitals,because they are more able to provide skilled care to seniors with more intensive or urgent needs. For example if your loved one needs care around the clock then a skilled nursing facility is the best option.

What About Assisted Living Facilities?

Assisted living residences may, or may not have licensed nurses on their staff. Because they are considered non-medical facilities- some assisted living facilities do not have a nurse or doctor connected with them at all. This is because they are not required by law to have a licensed nurse at their agency.

Accordingly, even if the assisted living facility does have a nurse, they cannot give hands-on care such as administering oxygen, dressing a wound, administering insulin 24 hours a day, or other care that is defined by the state and federal governments as “skilled nursing care.”

When is In Home Care a Good Option?

We recommend that families always do an in home evaluation to determine the level of care needed before making a decision on the best option. We believe that the individual and family are the best judges of what will work best for them and their unique situation.

We understand that the price of home care Dedham and other communities can be a primary concern for many families looking for in-home medical or non-medical services.

Some people assume that it in-home health care or personal care will be too expensive but if you compare all your options in most cases where the health or other care needs are not that intensive in home care is your most cost effective option.


The Price of Home Care

Typically, the price of home care is determined by the number of hours needed. In some cases there is a 4 hour minimum for homecare services, but you can choose as many or as little services as you feel are necessary.

Hourly rates in Massachusetts, average $25 per hour for a Health Aide. For example, if you need a home health aide 4 hours per day for 5 days per week, then the yearly cost would be approximately $26,000 per year.

Contrast this cost with the yearly cost of a nursing home which is $131,400. Or, compare this with the yearly cost of a one-bedroom apartment in an assisted living facility which is approximately $55,920, and one can see how in home care is so much more cost effective than the other options.


How To Pay For In Home Care

In Home care services can be paid for directly by the client or through a variety of public and private funding sources.

These funding sources may include workers’ compensation, Long Term Care Insurance, as well as Medicaid, if the company is able to accept it.

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Summary: We discuss the Price Of Home Care Dedham and other cities and towns in MA compared to other options.