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Bathing & Dressing Assistance Dedham MA

For a family caregiver, assisting a loved one with bathing, dressing and other personal activities can be uncomfortable. We understand also that having a stranger manage these activities can also be a challenge so we try to make the process as comfortable as possible for your loved one.

Bathing & Dressing Assistance Dedham MA -Help For Seniors & People with Disabilities

Bathing can be challenging for a senior or for people with disabilities so we offer assistance with bathing. We provide caring personal care staff who are respectful and have been trained to keep your loved one safe and comfortable during the bathing process. We encourage our clients to bathe him/herself as much as possible and help where help is needed. We keep the bathing area comfortably warm and work to respect the person’s privacy by keeping them covered, when possible.

We also make sure the are is safe by making sure there are grab bars present and by ensuring that here is a non-slip bath mat.
We make sure your loved one is using a tub bench.

We also make sure your loved one manages their skin care, shaving needs. dentures or teeth cleaning, and hair care needs.

To set up an in home assessment please send us your contact information and we’ll be in touch.

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Summary:  Bathing & Dressing Assistance Dedham MA -Help is  available  for Seniors and People with Disabilities